Thursday, December 20, 2007

She moves through the darkness silently.....

He is gone…..she is done with him. No longer can she take his ill treatment of her and so in her own way, she has cast him out of her circle for her highest good…. Still, sadness touches her heart that it cannot be more than it is….or was…. She walks with dignity once more, even in the stillness and the dark,,knowing that she must trust her heart in all things….and use her mind to gather all she can to move forward and upward past the failures of the past, past lost loves…..and to new love in this place of peace she loves with all her heart…….it will come again and it will last this time until death……but seek she must for a while longer…..and move past what has haunted her and be free to live a life filled with laughter and hope for what is to come…..and truly see what is just before her eyes…..and has always been there……the sparkling stars that she has resisted for far too long…..

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