Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Dark One stands tall upon the hill covered with stone ledge overlooking the lake and knows that it is time……

……she raises her silver dagger heavenward and it glows with light so bright that it blinds those with black hearts…..for love is her strongest weapon as it radiates from within her and fills the harbor round her with white light killing the darkness that has hovered for far too long….the serpents, spawn and demons are destroyed as they run from the light…..for there is no longer any darkness for them to escape into… this place that belongs to the Dark One…..

Monday, April 6, 2009

The crescent moon rises, casting a shadow over the Dark One’s beloved harbor………

… the creatures of the night begin to move in the darkness.….yet they are fathoms above the serpents whose only hope is to hide within the murky depths of the tall grass that edge the forest…..yet they try to prey upon the Dark One but she is fast with her silver dagger, striking the life from them and throwing them to the beasts that seek to feed…..for they deserve no better… they are the spawn of human kind who strike at innocent souls and use them for their own devices……she seeks the spawn so she may rid her peaceful place of them as she has done with the serpents….the Dark One seeks to rid her place of peace of all that do not respect those that have true hearts and seek peace above all else……the Dark One will destroy all that do not have true hearts from her moon-lit harbor and she will have the peace she has sought for so long…….

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Clad in her dark armor, the Dark One sits upon the carved stone bench….

….she looks below at all that she has loved for so long….her place of peace….a place where her heart has flown among the clouds….waiting, hoping……then knowing how it feels to die inside fighting against the brutal winter winds that have struck at her heart and soul…..yet as she sits she notices new life around her and she feels her heart beat within her… if to say to her that there is another chance…..for love…..for life…..she feels the hard steel of her dagger against her in its silver hilt and knows that it will protect her from the evil ones who lurk just beyond her vision.....but knows she will bring them down as they come……but for now she looks upon the horizon for even a shadow of the ship that she will sail upon…..and knows that it will come from within the heart of darkness to bring her to new light………..