Sunday, May 10, 2009

As the Dark One stands strong with her arms held toward the lightened sky above…..

…..the light strikes outward from her dagger and covers the entire town beyond, blasting the demons from their sleep and they feel the power behind her force as they disappear into the winds forever feeling the pain she has felt for so long…..their reward for reaping such anguish upon her heart and soul……and no longer shall they exist……except in a place of eternal darkness where they belong...feeling fear and sleepless as the eternally damned…..The Dark One feels a weight of a thousand tortured lifetimes lifted from her and breathes in the light and it fills her with peace.....the power is hers to do with as she has always wished and she will have all that she has dreamed of for so long when she lived through the darkest of all nights.....and now, light shines within her heart......

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