Thursday, November 6, 2008

As the Dark One stands upon the docks at the edge of the starlit lake, she feels the winds come upon her yet she holds fast…….

….for she is the fierce and loyal protector of those with kind hearts of truth….those who she has been deceived by have none of her loyalty….it is lost to not ever be had again…..north winds drift down and she feels within her the existence of the offspring of one who held her heart so many years before…..the hopes, the dreams gone in a moment of time……….and pain fills her heart and tears fall upon the ground at her feet at what was taken from her….but as she stands in the magical harbor beneath the full moon she feels that she has been brought to this place for a reason yet unknown… that will fill her heart with joy……..not sorrow as she lived before…..and she will fight and trod upon the ground each night until her dreams come true and she can live the life she is meant for….one where her true dreams come to life……..

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