Friday, January 11, 2008

All seems lost to her as her mind wanders....not heeding the creatures of the night lurking within the shadows....

…..and she, the Dark One, walks along the path with her head bowed and tears upon her face not caring if the undead shall rise…..for she will be ready and without fear…..but in her heart she hopes that he is gone, never to return so that she may raise her head and gaze at the stars with joy once again……her mind is drawn to the one who smiled at her from the edge of darkness……..he has disappeared as if into thin air….but he will return…..she feels it within her as she walks on with her eyes toward the stars knowing that they will lead her in the direction fate wishes her to take……for the lessons have been dark ones and she hopes for light as bright as the stars so far above to shine within her heart….

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